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Scout Dental

Practice Analytics

Make tracking your numbers FUN

for you and your team

Scout is an easy to use mobile Dental analytics app

that gives you everything you need to know

about your practice in your pocket and makes

tracking your numbers FUN for you and your team

About Scout

Scout is a web and mobile dental analytics app that is simple, easy to use, and gives your practice actionable KPIs. No more spending hours sorting through hundreds of KPIs that no one understands. With Scout, tracking your practices analytics and KPI's is fun and easy. Let Scout find those "opportunities" in your practice.

  • Set goals for the most important KPIs for your practice and watch your practice grow.

  • Compare KPIs with other practices across.

  • Easy to use. No need to spend hours on training or using complicated systems.

Dental Practice Management Integrations Available

Cross-User Comparison

Compare your individual practice KPIs to the average of all Scout users

This helps you know your strengths and weaknesses

Allows you to narrow your focus to specific KPIs that you need to work on

Goal Setting

Set goals for each individual KPI

Track your goal progress on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis

Focus on the KPIs that actually result in practice growth

Download the Scout Mobile APP

Key Performance Indicator

20 Important KPIs selected. Each KPI is compared to all Scout users across the country and you can set individual goals. This comparison combined with goal setting will allow you to get actual results in your practice.



Doctor production, team production, new patient production, hygiene production, production by referral source, perio production



100% money back guarantee

  • Track 20 key metrics for your practice
  • Set goals
  • Compare your metrics to other users privately
  • Support & education

  • Integration with Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Opendental, and Dentrix Enterprise

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